Chamber of Commerce Board Meetings


Locations vary

Monthly Board Meetings

Our general board meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of every month. locations vary monthly and we always email a month prior to meeting to give you lots of notice! 

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General Expectations

Each Board member is expected to become an active participant in a body that functions effectively as a whole.  Generally, the Board governs the Chamber through broad policies and planning objectives approved by the Board, formulated with the management staff, and reviewed periodically.

Want to get more involved? Join the Board of Directors! For information on the Chamber Directors’ responsibilities click below. For more information on the oath, Code of Conduct and application email us at


Full Responsibility
  • Be informed of legislation under which the WBCC exists, its by-laws, mission, values, code of conduct, and policies as they pertain to the duties of a Board member; 
  • Keep generally informed about the activities of the WBCC and the community, and general trends in the business in which it operates;
  • Attend Board meetings regularly, serve on committees of the Board and contribute from personal, professional and life experience to the work of the Board;  
  • Exercise the same degree of care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would show in comparable circumstances; 
  • Offer their personal perspectives and opinions on issues that are the subject of board discussion and decision
  • Voice, clearly and explicitly at the time a decision is being taken, any opposition to a decision being considered by the Board; 
  • Maintain solidarity with fellow directors in support of a decision that has been made in good faith in a legally constituted meeting, by directors in reasonably full possession of the facts; 
  • Work with the staff of the WBCC on committees or task forces of the Board; 
  • Know and respect the distinction in the roles of the Board and staff; and 
  • Exercise vigilance for and declare any apparent or real personal conflict of interest.