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Follow the instructions below to join this program through the Barrie Chamber of Commerce, or visit http://barriechamber.com/rapidscreen for the links and details. The Collingwood Chamber of Commerce is also offering the rapid tests. Visit this link for more information http://www.collingwoodchamber....

STEP ONE: Registration & Training - one-time set-up
Please visit https://barrie.atlasleadingtheway.com/forms/1089/forms_users/load?locale=en to complete the training and your partner agreement. The training includes a 12 minute video; please allow yourself sufficient time to watch the full video when you click through. Your designated Rapid Screening Initiative Supervisor must pick up the kits. We will not be able to provide kits to anybody who has not completed this training.
Please visit https://tests.staysafescreen.ca/ to register your business to place orders for screening kits.

STEP TWO: Place your order
Please visit https://tests.staysafescreen.ca/ to place your order for screening kits; you will be able to choose a time slot from the list available; and you will get a confirmation of your order details.

STEP THREE: Pick up your order
Please visit https://barrie.atlasleadingtheway.com/forms/1072/forms_users/load?locale=en before you head to our office to pick up your order (no more than 12 hours in advance).
We are offering curbside pick-up for the kits, so you can pull up to the front entrance of the Barrie Chamber and call to let us know that you have arrived. If you prefer to park and walk up to the door, you are welcome to do this as well, we will be following our regular distancing protocols.

STEP FOUR: Test your staff
Test your staff twice a week following the procedure outlined in the training video.
Please note that these tests are only for asymptomatic participants. Anybody showing symptoms, or who does not pass your regular daily screening assessment, should follow your regular protocols.

STEP FIVE: Report your results
Before you can place another order for more screening kits, you must report your results. Please visit https://tests.staysafescreen.ca/ and choose the Report option at the top of the page to submit your company's test results on the day that the tests are conducted. As you will see, reporting is aggregate data only, you will be expected to submit only the quantity of tests conducted, the quantity of negative, the quantity of positive results, and the quantity of inconclusive results. Employee names are not being submitted for this program. The data that is sent to the government will also be in aggregate format, and will include the same numbers requested above for all tests completed through our program; company names will not be included in the submission to the government. 

Reporting is a government requirement for participation in the program; the Barrie Chamber is collecting the data purely to pass through for the program, we will not be using it for any other activities or initiatives.

STEP SIX: Order your next batch of kits
Repeat steps 2 through 5 for as long as you are participating in the Rapid Screening Initiative

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